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plEAsE BE notED

Please be noted that... 是错误的用法。 正确的用法可以是: Please note that... Please be advised that... Please take note that...

Please noted Please be noted 两个从语法上说都是不正确的,中国式英语而已。 应该是一般用 pls (kindly) note that...比较好。

是一个省略形式,请知悉! pls note (that) 是一个主动形式

建议将 noted 换成 noticed: Please be noticed that...... (很常见的公文行文方式)

be kindly noted


是一个省略形式,请知悉! pls note (that) 是一个主动形式



Besides, please be aware that right now, our company is able to provide ...Pls noted .(或者Really sorry for the inconvenience that brought to you) Any...

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