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be informed of 听说、得知、知悉、接到…的通知 例句: 1. I request to be informed of the current state of affairs. 我请求让我知悉当前的情势。 2. You will be informed of the details at the appropriate time. 在适当的时候将把详情告...

译为 请告知 这是写信人要告诉别人什么事情;

please be informed that:请告知。 please be informed that there's no guarantee that all can attend it. 敬请原谅,并不是每个人都能参加。

please be informed 请告知 祈使句 再如: Please be informed QA Factory Evaluation will be arranging for the caption factory soon. 请确保质量保证被声明以安排不久后工厂的介绍! Please be informed that we already sent the samples re...

Please be kindly informed that ... 这是商务英语中常用语:字面意思是“请接受我们有好的通知关于 ... ”,其实,就是商家通知你一件什么事情,通常是交货延迟或者现在无货或者产品等需要升级了,等等。

Pls kindly be informed 这句话一般用于电子邮件中,告知对方的一些信息。 望采纳!

Please be kindly informed that 这是商务英语中常用语:字面意思是“请接受我们有好的通知关于 ”,其实,就是商家通知你一件什么事情,通常是交货延迟或者现在无货或者产品等需要升级了,等等。

inform vi. 告发;告密 vt. 通知;告诉;报告 informed: 一般过去式 I informed him yesterday. 我昨天通知他了。 was informed: 一般过去时的被动语态。 He was informed yesterday. 他昨天已经被通知了。

Please be kindly informed that I will take my annual leave from 翻译: 真切地告知大家, 我从...开始起休年假。

to be informed and to be enlightened 被告知并被启发 to be informed: 被告知;知悉 例句: 1.Expiration of a timeout: For example, a manager wants to be informed when aprocess takes longer than a week to be finished. 超时过期:例...

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