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Along sB

1.用sb get along with 的意思是 与...合得来;与...和睦相处 2.用sth get along with 的意思是 继续做...


1. xiaohua’s parents went to work in the fields -----the little girl and Ah Fu along。这里填;with, 如果是taking,前面应该有逗号,但这里没有,所以一定是with,2. 你问的问题不是do sth...with ..along, 你给的句子是with sb and ....alon...

get along with sb与某人相处融洽,get是一个瞬间动词,不能接时间段。 相处了很久,直接用延续性动词know就可以了,I know him well, we know each other for a long time

get along well with sb. 与某人相处融洽

与某人相处 get on with sb. get along with sb get on well with sb 与某人相处融洽;与某人相处很好 get along well with sb.和某人相处得很好。...

是get on well with sb 或 get along well with sb 和睦相处


get along well with sb not get along with sb

be popular with sbon weekend, have a holidayarrive at, reach ,getget along with sbbe prepared for, get ready forleavetake awayput...asidecomplish ...

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